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About Yummy Chumz HOW IT ALL STARTED...

During the 2021 early Lockdown, our founder Sinu created Yummy Chumz to change his life, and his family’s for the better. Having previously suffered complications during a spinal LP Tap (viral Meningitis), Sinu had been left with a spiralling neurological condition for many years, which unfortunately led to depression and anxiety. Sinu’s 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a severe Gluten and Dairy intolerance at the same time. This prompted the inception of the venture to cater to her dietary needs. Since then YummY ChumZ has continued to flourish.

The name Yummy Chumz, is based on the concept of the business being people’s ‘sweet pals’, reflecting the aim of the brand; to listen to people and to be a friend… to serve with love and a smile.
The flavours initially introduced were vegetarian gelatos but after serving at multiple events and shows, and finding a need and desire from customers for alternatives, a range of allergen free and vegan gelatos, as well as sorbets and sherbets, were created. The aim was to create luxury Italian style gelatos using organic ingredients which cater to both the vegetarian and vegan communities.

By executing things differently, we found fun in the brand and to make it more interesting, purchased a TukTuk (brought all the way from Delhi, India) and rebuilt it to UK compliance. This mobile dessert box, known as the TukBox is now our signature vheicle, serving at events, parties and farmers markets. We are please to say the business has grown in strength and reputation and we are pleased to announce we have recently been accepted as official members of The Guild of Fine Food.
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